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Background & Challenges

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country with coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific. Increasingly popular as a tourist destination on account of its beaches, volcanoes, wildlife and biodiversity, the glossy image of the country masks an array of challenges facing the population of just over five million people.

As with many apparently idyllic but fundamentally underdeveloped countries, it is the local people who are at the sharp end of socio-economic problems and inequality. Unemployment, child poverty, overcrowding, poor sanitation, inadequate healthcare, and violence are just some of the issues confronting large swathes of the populace who are struggling to benefit from the country's transition into a modern economy.

Despite recovering comparatively well from the pandemic and boosted by the growth of tourism, Costa Rica is still susceptible to global financial pressures, increasing food costs and the vagrancies of the worldwide economy at both national and household levels. The adoption of social welfare assistance and education programmes, plus increased investment in the manufacturing, agriculture, and medical sectors, have already been identified as catalysts for recovery and growth going forward.


BE11A JS Foundation's Contribution

Following a trip to the country in 2022, the Founders of the BE11A JS Foundation realised that they could provide a degree of assistance to a family with whom they visited. Deeply touched by the warmth of their welcome and generosity of spirit, it was apparent that The Foundation could help empower the lives of people in the region, especially young women.

Costa Rica’s strong matriarchal structure often prevents women from breaking free of traditional roles and limits their career aspirations. Liaising with local education leaders highlighted the problem and inspired the Foundation to commit to a two-phased programme of support over the next three years. In addition to working on these programmes, the Foundation also recognised how learning about the lives of local people provided a different perspective on the world to both the Founders and their young daughter.

Broadening the horizons of those from differing cultures, countries, and communities is a central facet of the Foundation's aims and aspirations and highlights a higher objective other than just providing financial support. This what the predominant sense of emotion that the Founders took away from their trip.

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